Lori Ann Walsh Imdad was born and grew up in Southwestern Connecticut, after briefly moving to California for studies where she met her husband, she moved and lived on Long Island’s North Shore. In 2005 she moved with her family to Bangladesh, the land where her husband was born.

In the US she worked with the top technology companies, Siemens, Worldcom, and MCI. On her arrival in Bangladesh, she joined WHO before moving on to work for the US Embassy and a USAID-IRG Project ICEA, before finally settling into her current role as Principal at American Standard International School in 2012.

Concurrently, she has begun a small events management firm called Muzikraft Bangladesh. Here she arranges small open market styled events at expat clubs and a few public venues. Check out her site to learn more about Muzikraft.

She has also begun a small NGO called ABFAUSA that will focus on destitute Women and Children. She is presently not actively working on this but does hope to move forward with this soon. Check out ABFA’s website for updates.

If you’d like to reach out to her, check out our Contact Page.

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