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This morning I opened my Daily Star to skim the headlines. Sad and shocking to say the least.  Usually I don’t read the articles, between the errors in the writing and the stress I get from the articles themselves on the political activities ongoing, it really isn’t worth it to me. Today I made an exception and took a closer look. Ugh! Now super stressed and outraged I am writing this post.

Just to give you and overview here are a few:

Door Shut Yet Open for BNP

Outraged Business Leaders Demand Security

Blockaders Torch AL Leader’s House

Rickshaw-puller Hit By Crude Bomb

Children Suffer in Silence

ATM’s Empty – Banks stop refilling over insecurity

Even 5yr-old Not Spared

Even I have to wonder is this politics or psychological warfare? Why do we accept this onslaught of political based violence every 5 years? It’s difficult for me to take these things lightly anymore.

Blockade programs where the leader of the Opposition allows her party supporters to kill, maim, vandalize and commit many other crimes in the name of protest, hartal, blockade while preventing the nation’s children from attending school or risking their lives to get there, causing losses to businesses who can’t get their supplies, and much more can’t be called political campaigning or even protest politics.  I won’t be polite about it. It goes far beyond that, it  is dark and sinister. Yet, we all allow it to continue without looking for a way to end it. Why?

Why do we get upset when those empowered to uphold the law arrest those breaking them? Why do we allow the opposition to hold more violent protests to protest the arrests of people who have done criminal acts? Why are we allowing this to go on and on and on with no thought of the impact on our youth? Seeing that there is no respect for the police or law enforcement and that politicians object to criminals being arrested and are allowed to protest it, what do the youth of the country learn?


Five-year-old Sumaiya Akhter Sadia was going to school yesterday morning when she was struck by splinter from a cocktail hurled from a procession of the BNP-led 18-party opposition alliance activists, brought out to enforce its blockade, in Chittagong city’s Akbar Shah Mazar area. The photo was taken at Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Photo: Anurup Kanti Das

Imagine only a week or so before mid-year exams and nearly no days of school. Children sitting in their homes worried whether their parents made it to their places of employment or if they will make it home. Children missing weeks of school due to protests. Children and parents worried if they will make it to school and return home unharmed. Homemade bombs being thrown at vehicles, passersby and homes with the blessings of the opposition leader. She may disagree, but she has not told them not to do these things so her silence has been taken as approval. She may disagree, but she is calling for more of these programs as intensified agitation programs

People of Bangladesh and friends of Bangladesh, it is time to put and end to mindless acceptance of criminal acts done in the name of protest, elections or political campaigning. It is time to put into place regulations on all protests that will prohibit, or control them at the minimum. Restrict protests to a specific venue and restrict the acts and numbers of protesters.  Tell your leaders you won’t accept this violence and insecurity anymore. Tell them today. Tell them for Sumaiya and for all the children of Bangladesh – security is a priority that can’t be taken lightly anymore. Crime in the name of politcal elections is unacceptable.

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